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About PJB Law

Paul Bosman, Attorney at Law

At PJB Law, we believe in justice, integrity, and diligent advocacy. Attorney Paul Bosman is dedicated to serving individuals and communities in Minneapolis and throughout Minnesota. With a background in civil rights, bankruptcy, and Minnesota data practices law, Paul brings a unique blend of legal expertise and unwavering commitment to every case.

As the former Chief Counsel for Communities United Against Police Brutality, Paul has extensive experience in advocating for accountability and transparency in law enforcement. His passion for justice extends to his work as a board member for the Minnesota Coalition on Government Information, where he continues to promote access to public data.

Paul is a cum laude graduate of the William Mitchell College of Law. Prior to law school, Paul worked as Donor Acquisition and Data Management Officer for Allina Health’s philanthropic entities.  Prior to his ten years with Allina, Paul had worked for New Jersey Environmental Federation, Minnesota COACT, Minnesota Clean Water Action, Montana People’s Action, Idaho Citizen’s Network, Washington Citizen Action, Oregon Fair Share, and Campaign California. Paul is also a former. U.S. Army Infantry Officer and Military Parachutist.

At PJB Law, we understand the complexities of legal challenges and strive to provide personalized solutions tailored to each client's needs. Whether you're facing bankruptcy proceedings, seeking justice in civil rights matters, or navigating Minnesota data practices, trust PJB Law to advocate fiercely on your behalf.


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